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Is it possible that until a few decades ago a billion people had never even tasted… chocolate?

This business book is the story of East meeting West through the introduction to China of an icon of the Western world’s decadence and indulgence: CHOCOLATE!

Direct from the front lines of the global chocolate industry’s chocolate war in China, success or failure hinged on combinations of savvy and circumstance, of perseverance and flexibility, and of textbook business excellence and sheer luck! It is the inside story of the five global titans of chocolate—Hershey, Mars, Cadbury, Ferrero and Nestlé—that battled to capture a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to establish their brands with one- fifth of the world’s population. It was no less than a battle royal for the hearts, minds and taste buds of China’s emerging consumers.

Foreword Excerpt

“Allen’s combination of this location, in this timeframe for this industry provides a remarkable panoramic comparison for marketers, strategists and leaders alike. It is rare that such a comprehensive story can be documented and presented in such a compelling fashion. This story could only have been told by a perceptive person with a front row seat and hands-on experience in the overlapping drama of the steps and missteps of the chocolate industry in this most recent leg of its journey and the fits and starts of China’s recent economic and social evolution.”

Dr. Ángel Cabrera Professor and President Thunderbird School of Global Management
Dr. Mary Teagarden Professor of Global Business Thunderbird School of Global Management
Glendale, Arizona, March 25, 2009