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Where were you in the roaring `80s?

Sam Khost was nearing the end of a five-year `round-the-world pilgrimage to the university of life: immersed in the alcohol, lechery and camaraderie of the purgatory culture of misfits and runaways in Taipei’s Combat Zone.

Ensconced in this grungy, smoke-grimed bar-street backwater, among the littering of this bizarre collection of castaways, Sam finally achieves his own personal nirvana while giving the most astounding and authentic musical performance of his life. His body seemed to fade away and his raw emotions became one and the same with his instrument, manifesting in music all his sadness and joy, his pain and lust, fear and triumph, and rhapsodizing the attainment of his complete emancipation.

It was now time to go home.

But fate intervenes to force one last stop on his journey: Hamburger Heaven. Trapped in its Sisyphean tangles, will he ever escape the menagerie of Taipei’s Hamburger Heaven?