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“Chronicles of an Expat Spy” is the first release in the Elizabeth Bromwell Fiction Series.

Kathryn Raaker, International Radio and TV Personality, syndicated host of television and radio, has now lent her creative talents to the action/adventure thriller genre.

Elizabeth Bromwell, a woman from humble beginnings starts out as an unassuming spouse of an expatriate businessman. But before long, her talents are recognized by US intelligence services: it was in her blood all along!

Readers are delighted by Kathryn’s first-hand accounts of the sumptuous and exotic locations that Kathryn herself had lived in: from a 500-year old English estate, to Hemmingway’s flamboyant Madrid, to the Turquoise Coast along the Turkish Mediterranean, and even the mystical and paradoxical world of the Far East. Her vibrant, unforgettable and bigger-than-life characters are composites from hundreds of fascinating people Kathryn met during her own expatriate career. Join Elizabeth as she is drawn into the noble and sometimes dangerous global fight for justice and freedom.