The Last, The Lost, and the Least

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A novella based on a true story of recovery that offers hope to The Last, The Lost, and The Least among us.

It was the Welsh family curse: a half-century haunting by the demons of anger and hate. Seizing Adam Welsh’s soul in the midst of man’s greatest inhumanity to man during World War II, these demons preyed on his wife and son David after he returned home. Tormented souls languishing in a demonic death-grip, all seemed lost for the Welsh family.

David receives his grim inheritance through a brutal beating at the hands of his father at age 10, leaving him homeless. He picked up the mantle of anger and hate carrying it to new heights; spending his years blindly retaliating against the world that had wronged him.

The Last, The Lost, and The Least is a powerful saga of one family’s triumph over anger and hate that had nearly destroyed them all. Victory came in the form of forgiveness, redemption and even a Presidential Pardon. All coming to fruition through the guiding grace of Love.