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Award-Winning Psychological Fiction

What would it be like to speak with someone nearly 2,000 years old?

Or at least someone who thinks they are. What would you talk about? What would they say? Would they even bother speaking with you?

Immortal Suicide takes place in a psychiatric hospital and reveals a conversation between psychiatrist Dr. Samantha Engelbrecht and her suicidal patient, Sebastian Cartwright. Together, they take you on a 2,000-year worldwide journey through human history of what may be the patient’s personal memories and recollections, or just the incredible storytelling of a brilliant but disturbed psychiatric patient.

Whichever it is, Dr. Engelbrecht is transformed by her experience with her enigmatic patient and senses she is in the presence of greatness. How can she help this savant restore his love for life instead of turning his brilliance toward ending it?

And why is she constantly battling a niggling doubt that maybe he’s not just making up his 2,000-year life story as a coping mechanism after all?

What people are saying about Immortal Suicide:

“He got me right up front. I couldn’t put it down. When I finished it like a junky, I was addicted. I called the author wanting more. So, I gave it my ‘BEST VISIONARY FICTION OF 2023.’”
—Sir Alan Money

“Immortal Suicide is a brilliant love story with intriguing twists and turns that kept me deeply musing and absolutely unable to put it down, until the last word was read! Hoping there’s a sequel or prequel soon.”
—Kathleen Martin

“Get ready, the author is going to take you on a quick jaunt through history, hitting some impactful events that frame a fascinating story of fiction, romance and some truths we face today.”
—Jan Bond

“Immortal Suicide is a mesmerizing love story that challenges the creative imagination. It expanded my awareness of the human condition and how little we’ve changed over the millennia. A real page-turner.”
—Don Steele, PhD